Our greatest asset is knowledge

The DGAT1 Project is a collaborative group of families and health care professionals working together to increase awareness of the effects of a mutation in DGAT1 by providing educational materials and resources, parental support, and up to date medical information about diagnosis and treatment.

If you think this might affect you or someone you know, reach out.

Our work depends on the help of you. Please let us know if you think your child or a child you’re treating is experiencing loss of protein in their stool. If a child has severe chronic diarrhea and is losing protein in his/her stool, the information in this website might be relevant.

The Team

The team behind the The DGAT1 Project is a group of physicians, nurses, nutritionists, dietitians along with parents who share a common goal to improve the lives of children who live with a disease caused by mutations in the DGAT1 gene that results in diarrhea shortly after birth and loss of protein in the stool. The idea to create a website to provide support to families was conceived by Dia Khosla and supported by Milan and Rishi Khosla.  The creation of this team was inspired by the parents of the children who continue to be the motivating force behind this project.   Since first described in 2012, little is known about outcomes, but by sharing information we hope to provide support and increase knowledge. Click below to learn more about this dedicated team of professionals.

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