Always look at the Nutrition Facts food label for the fat content of packaged foods. Choose foods that contain 0 grams of fat/serving. Keep in mind that companies can label a product as containing 0 grams of fat/serving if the food contains < 0.5 grams of fat/serving. Check with your dietitian or physician before using any foods that contain 1 or more grams of fat/ serving. Learn how to read food labels. The image on the left shows a food high in fat that should be avoided. The image on the right is an example of a label for a safe, very low fat food.

image of label highlighting zero fat content
image of label highlighting where total fat content is

Please be aware that commercially prepared foods do change--- Always read labels. Food choices should contain 0 grams of fat/serving. Foods with the following ingredients are not allowed: butter, margarine, milk and milk products, casein, partially hydrogenated oils, oils, lard, shortening, eggs, cream, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, fish, turkey, sour cream, whole grains, chocolate, avocado, nuts, nut butters, seeds and coconuts.

Please check with your dietitian if you have questions about any particular foods. Remember that Boost Breeze, Ensure clear and egg whites are all good sources of protein; encourage your child to eat/drink these foods. As this diet is very restrictive, try to give your child choices within the allowed foods and avoid food battles (i.e. encourage but do not force, do not keep your child at the table for extended periods and try not to use food as a reward).

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